Shamanic Session

As part of the shamanic individual work, I offer you the opportunity to give you help on a current life situation in a 60-minute individual session. To do this, we will first discuss which topic you are concerned with and then, with your permission, I will go on a shamanic journey into your subconscious.

Duration: 60 Minutes. Cost: 100 Euros.

Preliminary talk

In a 15 minute preliminary talk we talk about your topic and I ask you questions until we have clearly outlined what you are talking about and the work can start.

Shamanic journey

Now you lie down on the couch for 30 minutes and close your eyes while I work with you in a shamanic way. You have nothing more to do than relax.

Follow-up talk

Afterwards, we will have a 15-minute follow-up talk in which we will exchange experiences and I will tell you about the shamanic journey that I have undertaken for you.

After the shamanic session

As a rule, it is said that a shamanic session has an after-effect period of 7 days. Once these have passed, we can move on to a follow-up session if you wish. If you come to me for the first time, I recommend that you do 3 sessions on the 3 most important topics in your life.

Possible aspects in shamanic sessions

  • Processing of topics and symptoms of illness
  • Dissolution of karmic entanglements
  • Erasing blockages and trauma
  • Connection with power animals
  • Activation of the soul star
  • Overwriting old beliefs
  • Dissolving unwanted connections to people
  • Implementation of soul repatriations
  • Travel to the mineral, plant and animal world
  • Rewriting the life script
  • Detachment from earthbound souls
  • Connection to the spiritual world
  • Travel to the upper worlds
  • Removal of outdated thought structures
  • Travel to the lower worlds


"I can feel very clearly how you helped me to free myself. I can do things more calmly. Still busy, but I feel much better, calmer and focused on what I do. Thanks Deva!" Cathy


"A lot of positive things have happened since then, my wife and I are really very harmonious, our hearts open and we are very familiar and loving with one another." Rainer


"Hello Deva, I want to say T H A N K S again.

This session was very effective and successful for me personally. You have given me a bit of "rays in my eyes". Simone noticed that straight away. Many blockages / thoughts are now less strong or no longer there! Such healing touches me a lot right now. Keep it up! Many greetings." Ioulianos

"Thank you for untying my tangled brain and turning it into a golden ball of light. It now feels purer, clearer and at the same time softer. I felt your healing space as mindful and secure." Mo


"Dear Deva, what I appreciated about your treatments was the pragmatic, unadorned way with which you get to work, the ability to specifically uncover the topics and the background, to describe what you have seen in clear, understandable words and to translate it into concrete clues. For me this always led to particularly intense experiences during the trip and to strong effects." Arne

Legal notice

I expressly point out that a shamanic session, participation in training courses and evening events in no way replaces a visit to the doctor, medical, psychotherapeutic or other medicinal treatment and diagnostic work. Shamanic treatment is a spiritual awareness process. Prescribed medication must never be discontinued or taken in any other way than prescribed without consulting the attending physician. The shaman works with the blocking energies in the human energy system and does not make any promises of healing. It is not a matter of practicing medicine in the sense of the statutory provisions.